Caldera at RED Mountain is guided by only the most modern building and design principles. These principles encourage style and adaptability while producing an aesthetic that combines elegance, integration and environmental stewardship. By allowing nature to inspire, Caldera homes move beyond form and function to create an attractive dwelling that leaves a minimal footprint with quality at every level.


Sustainable Design has many layers: The consideration of indoor and outdoor environment, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the value of efficient space all lead to healthy homes created with superior durability and design.

At Caldera, we have strived to construct a home that has many sustainability stories, many layers. By building in a controlled environment we reduce building waste and provide unmatched quality control. (Nobody builds luxury cars or computers outside, right?) By considering natural light and solar gain we are able to deliver stunning views of the surrounding mountains while protecting the home with large roof overhangs. By supplying zoned Energy Star radiant heating we offer efficient indoor climate control with the comfort of a warm floor.

By building a home that coalesces with the natural shape of the land we are able to create low maintenance landscapes with minimal site disturbance. And, by using building materials such as low volatile compound paint, low volume water fixtures, renewable wood products, and Energy Star appliances, the Caldera House treads very lightly on the land, indeed.

The Caldera House, constructed by Freeport Enterprises, is a truly top-shelf example of modern design and construction integration. This 2,600 sq. ft. living space is graced with features in a home that is both timeless and durable.

Experienced architects and proven builders have produced a home that brings the outdoors in, is operationally efficient, is extraordinarily comfortable and is sited to provide privacy while taking advantage of breathtaking views you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Contemporary design finishes have been integrated — including custom countertops and shelving, solid wood cabinets, stainless appliances and more — resulting in an overall aesthetic that is unmatched in mountain living.

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